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Every year from the MLS to the EPL we witness 18 year old players stepping onto the pitch to play professional soccer. For some reason parents and players are always reserved about their ability to go pro or play college ball. People seem to settle for the idea of only playing through high school. We want all our players to set very high goals and strive everyday to reach those goals, academically and athletically. At some point if you want to reach a goal YOU HAVE TO GET AT IT and #outworkeveryone. That is the focus of the Showcase Program. Players set goals and we are there to motivate.

Intensity - The Showcase program concentrates efforts to prepare players for a continued career after club. 

Developmental - Our Showcase curriculum expands the "Six Pillars of Development", into holistic deep dives of all aspects of development.

Vision - Reading the game of soccer and reading the game of life. The Showcase program helps players to set sights on goals and aspirations. 

Aggression -  A time to go after what you want. To pursue goals with determination.

Strategy - Tactical game education combined with positional responsibility and individual accountability.

Physical Fitness - It is during the Showcase age groups when the athlete's body begins to develop more rapidly. The Showcase curriculum identifies this very important time frame and incorporates physical fitness in a more comprehensive manner. Muscle development, aerobic and anaerobic performance, flexibility, recovery, etc. 

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